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    When doing a two way comparison, there is a status bar at the top of each file window which shows file date/time, file size, a guess at the file type (i.e. HTML, Java Source), the character encoding, and another thing.

    What's the other thing?

    I have two closely related PHP files. One runs, one does not. The one which runs shows 'MIX' as the final status entry, the one which does not run says 'MAC'. I think it's possibly line endings, but can someone tell me for sure?

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    Your guess is correct: that's the Line Ending status. You can also enable the View menu -> Show Whitespace to see visual characters represent the line breaks, and we use different symbols for different line break characters. In the Text Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, Importance tab, checked items are Important, and unchecked are Unimportant. You can enable Line Endings (PC/Linux/OSX) to view any changes between the left and right sides.
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