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Bug? compare 2-way new file to non-existant file

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  • Bug? compare 2-way new file to non-existant file

    Doing a directory compare: new folder has a new file. At the end of the previous file I chose "Next Difference File" and it brought me to a screen to compare the non-existant file to the new file (hope that was clear).

    Now since comments are "Unimportant Differences" the file is broken into many change sections. Now I have to hit next diffence many times to get to the end of the file. Even though the comments are unimportant I think the whole file should be considered a change block in this case.

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    2 possible solutions:

    - Uncheck "View -> Ignore Unimportant Differences".

    - Select "Session -> Session Settings...", switch to "Importance" page, check "Orphan lines are always important" and click "OK".
    Erik Scooter Software