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  • Ignore line containing _

    I am trying to do a text compare and have lines containing "_OBJECT_" ignored.

    Example lines from same file:
    File 1-> "P46_OBJECT_0:"
    File 2-> "P13_OBJECT_0:"

    File 1-> "√P46_OBJECT_0. = {Starting Point}"
    File 2-> "√P13_OBJECT_0. = {Starting Point}"

    File 1-> "√Next. = {P46_OBJECT_1:,forward}"
    File 2-> "√Next. = {P13_OBJECT_1:,forward}"

    I have tried adding varation of OBJECT with and without the _ to the importance tab grammar elements and have not yet figured out how to ignore the above lines.

    What would I need to do to ignore the above lines where the number is the only difference?

    There are other lines in this file what contain the number difference but I do not want those differences to be ignored.

    Thank you.

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    You would need to create a Regular Expression that matches on the entire line, not just the word "object", otherwise the grammar only makes "object" unimportant.

    For a full instruction list of how to create a grammar and mark it as Unimportant (rather than Important), see here:

    Your regular expression could be something similar to
    Aaron P Scooter Software