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How to copy all differences in file view?

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  • How to copy all differences in file view?

    1) Trying out Beyond Compare after using WinMerge for years. There's a lot to like, but when I'm in the file compare, can't seem to find a way to copy all the file differences in one step. Is this possible? Going through each difference one by one is a pain. Looks like it can be done from the folder view, but that's less convenient since I'm already seeing the differences in the file view.

    2) In the folder view, is there any way to show "left differences and orphans" instead of "left newer and orphas"? Am I correct in assuming that left newer means the file times stamps are newer. "Newer" can be a problem for us as we have developers who work in a variety of time zones.


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    1) When launched from a parent Folder Compare, the Text Compare's Search menu -> Copy File to (side) and Open Next Difference would function similarly to the Folder Compare command without needing to go back up a level to the parent folder compare tab. Or, if you Select All + Copy to Other side (with optional Display Filters to remove certain unimportant changes?), is this what you are looking for?

    2) Yes, right click the Display Filters toolbar and switch from Favorites to Toggles mode. Each toggle can be individually enabled or disabled to show that specific status, allowing any combination.
    "Different" is a status used when the content is different but the timestamps are equal. It's used when a file is different but not Newer or Older. It can also be used for any differences if you disable timestamp comparison in the Session Settings, Comparison tab, and uncheck Timestamps. Or enable the option here to "Ignore timezone differences" (with optional seconds tolerance). Then you could leave the timestamp comparison enabled.

    Timezone handling can also be added to the FTP Profile, if using this protocol and the server isn't auto-detecting correctly.
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      Thank you that's perfect. Great product by the way!

      Also, didn't realize until after posting that this should have been in the BC 4 thread, not the BC 3.


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        I hadn't realized either.

        All the above questions/directions apply to both BC3 and BC4 in terms of functionality, assuming the most recent minor releases (3.3.13)
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