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    I would like to compare two sections of an xml or json file. Generally when I need this sort of thing, it is in comparing to items in a collection. Is this something that can easily be done in BeyondCompare, more simply than finding the beginning of the sections in the file and then aligning those two sections?

    (I apologize if this question has been asked before, as I cannot seem to get any search results at all from searching the forums.)


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    Sure thing. If it's a one off comparison of specific text blocks, and you don't need to align them, Compare Clipboard is probably the easiest adhoc method.

    To do this, select the first block, then right click and Copy (as if you were going to paste it somewhere). Then on the other side (or, anywhere), select the second block of text, right click -> Compare Clipboard.

    This compares the two blocks together in a new tab, without needing to align or alter the original order or comparison.
    Aaron P Scooter Software