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  • Skip Unreadable Files

    Is there any way to skip copying unredable files and continue copying good files from a faulty hard drive?

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    Yes, that should happen automatically if performing a Copy from the Folder Compare session. An error for a failed log will output to the log pane. Are you seeing different behavior? Which version of BC are you running and which command are you executing?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hello and thank you for your fast response,
      I am using 3.1.7 professional in portable mode (usb stick).
      During copy when it encounters a bad file (bad sectors) it hangs for a long time (more than 5min, maybe even hours) and usually in order to save time i disconnect the problematic hdd from the usb i have it connected, reconnect and continue from the next readable file.
      I was wondering if there was a script to instruct bcompare not to retry reading a problematic file and continue reading the next with minimum delay.

      Thank you again for your help


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        That doesn't sound like a Retry scenario. The problem device is causing some kind of hang and is also preventing a timeout from occurring. That doesn't sound like normal device behavior; if the device has bad sectors and is causing this kind of hang, it may be failing.

        Normally, I'd recommend firmware/driver updates to see if it helps with the hang behavior, but with a combination of hangs and bad sectors, I'd suggest not stressing the device and try to get as much information backed up off of it as you can.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          IMHO, the scenario when BC hangs up due to file errors is a long standing, major headache and deserves priority resolution.

          A hang up typically occurs when copying certain files from my local UNIX drive to my C: drive. When an error occurs and I try to cancel the operation, it ties up my system for several minutes until a timeout from somewhere (?) kicks in and then finally aborts BC. I get no clue as to what is wrong or how to fix it. I suspect my hang ups are due to permission errors and/or locked files, but the lack of functionality to respond to this situation is very frustrating. Suggestions:

          When a file error occurs, display the offending file and offer to skip, retry or cancel operation. Skipped files should be logged including reason skipped if possible.

          If needed for performance, offer an optional ”test before update" mode for running copy and move operations, which would perform an access test (read only) before each copy or move operation. If the access test fails, log the operation, file and reason and continue.

          Also, build a text file of failed access file names which can be copied into the excluded file list to eliminate future problems.

          Also adjust the timeout value. It is excessively long, several minutes in my environment.

          Until an effective solution can be implemented, at least provide a harder cancel capability to enable the hung operation to be immediately canceled rather than having to wait several minutes between the cancellation request and the actual cancellation operation.

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            Are you seeing a file error in the log, or a network hang? Is there error text in the log before or after the hang?

            BC4's abort/cancel commands will send the command, but remote servers that have become unresponsive never reply back that the abort is successful. At this point, to safely disconnect, BC4 waits for a timeout. How long since seeing the problem until you click cancel, and how long is it from clicking cancel to aborting?
            Aaron P Scooter Software