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Compare 2 pdfs to finding difference on content

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  • Compare 2 pdfs to finding difference on content

    Looking for a solution please.
    Using BC 3 version, having 1pdf and 1 word file
    Need to compare both pdf and word file where pdf contains actual result and word contains expected result with comments,strikeout comments etc.(spec and mock). I converted word to pdf using save as pdf with option as document to remove the comment. Now expected result is good to compare with actual.earlier I tried to compare pdf and word where difference is not accurate.
    Now opened two pdf and compare using text compare option. It is highlighting the same content as difference.that's is the problem. May be due to line difference .I have unchecked extra space setting,line breaks and given alignment as standard.

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    Both Word and PDF files are binary formats that are converted to plain text for comparison. This conversion process may result in line breaks inserts, which would be shown as a difference in BC4's Text Compare.

    If you load Adobe and perform a Save As Text on each PDF, then compare that text output, does this also insert line breaks in different places?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks Aaron for your suggestion. Both files are have saved as text where actual is converted as only one word is present in the entire line.
      Actual Example:
      PDF format:
      BC is helping to solve our problem
      Converted Text format:

      Expected is just replicate of expected pdf. Due to which, most of all showing as Difference. Any Solution?


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        Sorry, is "Converted Text format" what BC3 shows in the Text Compare using the PDF Documents File Format? Is the "PDF Format" what is displayed in Adobe?

        If you open Adobe itself, then use that program's File menu -> Save As Text, perform this twice to generate two temporary Text files. Then in BC4, compare the two Text files. What do these results look like?

        Screenshots might help, if you are still having any trouble. you can post here or email us at [email protected]. If emailed, please include a link back to this forum thread.
        Aaron P Scooter Software