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  • Margins

    I want to compare two text docs, word docs or otherwise, so that I see the full text on both sides and not just the beginning of the sentence.

    Currently I only see the beginning of the sentence on both sides and the rest of it runs off.

    I think it is a question of setting a margin right.

  • #2

    BC4 does not support wrapping the display while comparing per line. The comparison is line by line until hitting a line break character. To navigate to a difference horizontally off screen we have a few options:
    Ctrl+N is the Next Difference Section (line or section) command, but Ctrl+Shift+N will navigate to the Next Difference, including horizontally.
    You can also enable the View menu -> Line Details, or View menu -> Over/Under layout for more horizontal space.
    The Session menu -> Text Compare Report can generate an HTML report, which has an option to allow wrapping. This uses the browsers wrapping method to display lines.
    Aaron P Scooter Software