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  • Compare line match displacement

    Lets say I have a group of contingent lines that were inserted in the new file somewhere in the middle. The next line(and more) after the added block of lines matches the old file. If there are many added lines (like 50 added lines), I will not see the next matched line next to each other or see the link between the 2 matching lines. Is there a way to add a 'matching' line number so I see this matching link ? A connecting line would be good too but I realize it is not a feature.
    I am using the text compare to compare COBOL programs.

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    The Text Compare should search for similar lines and align the matching pairs on the left and the right sides, even if the lines are directly matched up. This is controlled by the Session menu -> Session Settings, Alignment tab. What is your current Skew Tolerance (which controls how far BC4 looks for matches)? Do the other alignment algorithms offer better results for this specific file pair?

    If you are still having trouble, could post a full screen screenshot?

    Or email us the screenshot at [email protected] along with:
    - a link back to this forum thread
    - your from the Help menu -> Support; Export
    - the pair of sample files
    Aaron P Scooter Software