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  • finding difference on content

    Looking for a solution please.
    Using BC 3 version, having 1pdf and 1 word file
    Need to compare both pdf and word file where pdf contains actual result and word contains expected result with comments,strikeout comments etc.(spec and mock). I converted word to pdf using save as pdf with option as document to remove the comment. Now expected result is good to compare with actual.earlier I tried to compare pdf and word where difference is not accurate.

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    Both PDF and Word convert to plain text before comparing within BC3's Text Compare. This uses a specific conversion, which can handle each file type differently.

    During your conversion of Word to PDF, it sounds like you are removing comments, which would then be removed when comparing. If these are not removed and the Word is opened directly, and the conversion to Save As Text includes them, they would be part of the comparison.
    Aaron P Scooter Software