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Text compare: map lines

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  • Aaron

    We have this under the right click menu -> Align With (select on the left side, single or selection of lines), then click on a single or drag to select on the right side.

    You may also want to try other alignment options (Session menu -> Session Settings, Alignment tab) to see if other options work better for your files, like Patience Diff.

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  • thuanlam
    started a topic Text compare: map lines

    Text compare: map lines

    I am a developer, so I usually use BC to compare code. When I have, for example, 6 lines of code, and they are repeated multiple times with a small changes for every copy. And BC always matches lines wrongly because both sides are very similar. Even worse, this leads all below lines be marked "different". I wish we can have a new feature to "map" a line from the left and a line from the right (that I selected) that I know they are identical. That is a "checkpoint" that I use to compare. And after I do that manually by adding some empty lines, some special words to help BC recognizes the "checkpoint" , it cleans up about 90% of differences.
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