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Memory leak found in 445

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  • Memory leak found in 445

    When I compare 2 files (that were set via command-line, and they're the same, then the quick compare window comes up showing that they're the same. When I click close at this point I get a memory leak dialog (see att.). Sorry I don't have the full debug build, and I don't have spare cycles right now to install. But I will if you need me to!
    Dang. My IE hates me. Can't add attachment. Send me e-mail if you want to see the dlg.

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    You can use Ctrl+C in any BC message dialog to copy it's contents as text to the clipboard. Either do that and post it as text, or send a screenshot to [email protected]. I haven't been able to repeat the issue here, so we may need you to switch to full debug at some point, but it's not urgent.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the info. Do you know what types of files you were comparing, and if the Quick Compare was using binary or rules based comparison (via Tools->Options->Startup panel)?

      Our email is [email protected] , if you want to send us anything that you do not want to post on the forums.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        This bug is still in 446 as well. Here's an image of the dialog just before the leak dialog.

        Here's an image of the leak window after I've clicked the Close button:

        A side note: This morning, the first test after reboot did not produce the leak window. But Cirrus stayed behind in the Task Manager, without a visible gui. When I tried again it produced the leak and then crashed. Cirrus is gone from the Task Manager. Re-running the test now always produces the leak and the crash. I will reboot and test this hypothesis later today.


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          The current release is 448, and the leak was fixed in it.
          Zoë P Scooter Software