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  • Unexpected difference coloring

    I'm using the default colors, where a left change is blue, a right change is purple, and a difference is red or orange. I'm seeing some unexpected behavior in build 447: (Since I don't see how to change the background color in vBulletin, I'll demonstrate with a foreground color change.)

    Left File:                                      Right File:
    #endif                                          #endif
    [COLOR="#808080"]///////////////////////////////////////////         [COLOR="#F08000"]// Explain why foo is allowed to fail[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#F00000"]    if ( !foo() )                                   foo();[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#F00000"]    {                                           [COLOR="#808080"]///////////////////////////////////////////[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#F00000"]      HandleError();                            [COLOR="#808080"]///////////////////////////////////////////[/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR="#F00000"]    }                                           [COLOR="#808080"]///////////////////////////////////////////[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#F00000"]    else                                        [COLOR="#808080"]///////////////////////////////////////////[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#F00000"]    {                                           [COLOR="#808080"]///////////////////////////////////////////[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#F08000"]      HandleSuccess();                              HandleSuccess();[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#F00000"]    }                                           [COLOR="#808080"]///////////////////////////////////////////[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    Cirrus correctly matched the #endif, correctly matched the if ( !foo() ) to the foo() call, andcorrectly matched the HandleSuccess lines; but I was suprised at what it did to the comment. It's being treated as a "Line w/ unimportant different changes", and I was expecting a "Line w/ unimportant right changes".

    Which is the correct behavior?
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    I see what's up: I'd installed on a new machine and forgotten to set the "Orphans are sided change". I think I've been through this before and forgotten, too. Sorry for the spam.
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      One thing that IS different is that the unimportant diffs show up on the ruler the same as important diffs, instead of as just a little green tick. Was that intentional? Is that another option somewhere?
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        I think you have Ignore Unimportant Differences enabled, and you are seeing green ticks on the Thumbnail display for unimportant differences.

        For some time, ignored unimportant differences have been handled just like using the manual Ignored command on any difference. We will be separating the two concepts in an upcoming release.
        Tim T Scooter Software


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          Ah yep, that's it. New machines can be such a pain Now my diffs look like they used to, thanks!