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Text comparison is not like BC2

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  • Text comparison is not like BC2

    In BC2 when comparing a line of text on the differences would be highlighted, I think BC3 is finding the first difference and highlighting the rest of the line.

    Example BC2:

    Example BC3:

    Both of the above comparisons are of the SAME file same line in the file yet BC3 is behaving differently than BC2.
    In the BC3 example I circled the character where the difference should have stopped, like it did in BC2.


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    Based on your screenshots, I assume your files are HTML. If that is the case, the right file is malformed. BC3 uses grammars to define concepts to compare. If characters are different types (in your example "String" and "Everything else"), they are always considered different. To get the BC2 behavior for this example, you shouldn't use the grammar. One way to do this is to switch to the "<default>" format (Session -> Session Settings, Format, change left and click OK).
    Erik Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the feed back, I will give that a try.