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Re-Align after editing line breaks

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  • Re-Align after editing line breaks

    Hi All,

    when I edit (in-pane) line breaks, the alignment of the resulting lines isn't always what I expect reading "Full in-pane editor with dynamic re-comparisons" (from the "what's new" section of the help).

    For example, try these two very simple text files:

    left text:
    one two three
    four five six. Some other text

    right text:
    one two three four five six. Some other text

    In this example, the left "four five six" line will be aligned with the single right line (I intentionally tweaked the text to get this result).

    When I delete the line break at the end of the "one two three " line, I get two identical lines but they are _not_ aligned ("dynamically") by BC but orphans.

    IMO BC should align these lines.


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    Dynamic Re-comparison is the coloring of characters in lines that are aligned. In BC2, all edits and changes would then make that line appear as yellow, but in BC3 we re-compare as you type and color appropriately.

    To realign the files after your edit, you want to trigger a manual 'recompare' (which also triggers an alignment). You can do this from the Session menu -> Recompare
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the hint, but don't you think BC should align these lines instantly, without user intervention?

      BTW: Why does the recompare clear the undo history (without a warning!)?

      Will the documentation be extended in a way I can read such thing there?

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        Dynamic re-alignment is a new feature that is on our wishlist.

        The help file is still under construction. Thanks for pointing out this command. We'll try to make that more clear/add additional info.
        Aaron P Scooter Software