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Copy Section arrow usability issue

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  • Copy Section arrow usability issue

    I'm often using Beyond Compare as a part of source control. As I review my change, I may decide I want to revert a part of the change, so I hit the arrow to copy from the left to the right.

    In my head, this is an edit operation to the right side (and I'm starting with the right pane active), however, the button is on the left (though I tweaked it to the center), the menu items are all "copy to left", and the toolbar only has the copy left button. Clicking that "copy section to right" arrow changes the edit focus to the left pane!

    The ctrl+R hotkey does work (and it leaves focus on the right!) but this is not (yet) a natural thing for me to do.

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    I agree on the position of the left panel arrows, it would be better if they were on the right side...
    How did you tweak it ?


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      Press Ctrl+Shift+T to access the Tweaks dialog, and enable "Right side gutter" option on the Text Editor tab.
      Tim T Scooter Software


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        The more I use it, the more I like it !

        Thank you !