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Dynamic re-comparison and line deleting

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  • Dynamic re-comparison and line deleting

    While modifying text, BC3 displays a yellow bar on the side you modified : this behavior is very convenient.
    The problem is when you delete a line, there's no yellow bar to point out you have been doing something...
    It's even worst when you delete a line while there is nothing on the other side : the line just disappears and you cannot know you have been doing something...

    Is there any option to change this behavior ? Is there any way to show that a line has been deleted ?


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    The ability for BC3 to dynamically recompare changes (which is also responsible for deleted lines on both sides disappearing) is a strength, not a weakness. If you really want a static compare environment, I suggest you continue to use BC2 for those tasks.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      I do consider this as a strength, but when I modify a large file, I like to see what parts of the file have been modified...
      This works when you modify a line (the famous yellow bar) : to me, knowing a line has been deleted is as important as knowing another one has been modified... Moreover, it actually works when you delete a line character by character...

      Even if I had wanted a static compare environment, the full edit feature is so great it would justify to use BC3... And there are plenty of other fantastic features apart from the dynamic realignment : your post is just a nonsense...
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        Originally posted by Patrick View Post
        Moreover, it actually works when you delete a line character by character...
        Well, no, it actually does not. Once you delete the end-of-line character, the whole line (including the yellow) disappears and looks no different than if you had deleted the entire line all at one time.
        BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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          I agree that it would be nice to have an indicator for deleted text. I believe Visual Studio marks the line following a deletion (although we found it to be buggy).

          It would be difficult for us to change the current behavior and I'm certain we won't anytime soon, but I'll make sure this is on our wishlist.
          Tim T Scooter Software


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            Thank you Tim !

            You are definitely doing a great job at Scooter !


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              I think it would definitely be a plus to see what line deletions, but I really don't like the way Visual Studio handles it. You really can't tell whether a line was deleted or added. Since BC can display missing lines by using a diagonal pattern, perhaps displaying the missing line with colored edit indicator in the margin would suffice? Showing empty lines on both sides of the comparison conveys a lot more information than not showing it at all.


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                Well, I have to agree with Patrick - quite often I, too, find myself editing a large file, then wanting to review all changes, en masse, before committing them to disk. Then I will reload/recompare. It is disconcerting, in this case, to see your record of a deletion to be immediately gone.

                I see the advantages of both static and dynamic comparison. Why not a toggle option somewhere in the session settings?

                On a related note, I was ready to grump about how in BC3 edited text no longer shows yellow as in BC2; but I did find out how to indicate the same information by tweaking the gutter settings to more visually show the changes. Refer to:


                Although not quite as visually eyecatching as in BC2, I found this suggestion to be acceptable, especially when I also tweaked the left-pane gutter from its left-hand side to its right-hand side, so that it appears adjacent to the gutter of the right-hand pane.