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File Lock error won't go away

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  • File Lock error won't go away

    I use a text editor in conjunction with BC to re order lines in certain files to make it easier to compare. I was editing an application config file in BC3 and saved it successfully; then I opened it with Notepad++, and reordered a few of the lines, and saved it from there. A little later, I opened the file in Visual Studio on accident (Explorer>Open in the context menu, instead of Explorer>Edit with Notepad) and ended up with a file lock.

    I shut down Visual Studio, Notepad++, and every other application besides BC that could have touched it, and it was still there. I used Process Explorer to confirm no other application has an open handle to the file, but still got a file locked message. I tried closing the the comparison tab and reopening it; still locked. It finally went away after I closed BC3 and started over. Was it just not re-checking the file to see if the lock had been released?

    I hadn't made very many changes so it was only a minor annoyance, but it could have gotten nasty since I use BC to deploy applications and rely on the editor function to allow me to copy over new settings without disturbing old ones.

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    Well, I just noticed there was an update released today; I installed it and now I can't replicate the error. Talk about quick turnaround.

    Guess I should've checked for an update before I posted....