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Lines longer than 4096 chars cause error

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  • Lines longer than 4096 chars cause error

    I'm comparing SQL files with very long "text" lines containing binary favicons for a bookmark app using build 462 on Kubuntu 8 (KDE 3 version).

    When BC3 hits a line that's too long, it stops the diff and only displays results up to that line. BC3 should, at the least, flag the too long line for the user and continue processing. Better would be to handle arbitrarily long lines.

    BC2 did not report errors on lines like these. It either quietly ignored the error (which would be VERY bad) or it correctly handled the lines.

    Side note: Although BC3 shows an error icon when this occurs, it would be nice if I could see an associated error message somewhere.
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    Never mind. I just found the option to change the limit to whatever size I need.