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Error on second compare

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  • Error on second compare

    BC v3.0 build 8507

    I am currently using Beyond Compare as my replacement compare tool for Borland StarTeam. I am using the launch parameters: $file1 $file2

    Comparing one file from the StarTeam IDE works fine, however if I do not close the BC IDE and try to do another compare - either the same file but different version or a completely different file then I get a new tab that just displays one line: Error opening file

    Anyone any ideas on what the fix or workaround for this is? It's a small anoyance as I can simply close BC3 and do the compare again and everything works as expected.

    - Paul.

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    First of all, which executable are you calling? Use BComp.exe if you are using something else.

    Secondly, if you add the /solo parameter, it will force BC3 to launch a separate (stand-alone) instance for each version control compare instead of adding a new tab in the existing instance of Beyond Compare.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      I've changed to use BComp.exe and all works well now thanks (was previously using BCompare.exe)

      Many thanks for your help.