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I need 'copy one line' function without selecting block.

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  • I need 'copy one line' function without selecting block.

    When I press Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V in visual studio, it can copy one line without selecting block.
    but BC3 must select block and press ctrl-c.

    thank you.

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    Hi eightbit,

    If you're using the mouse, you can click in the gutter to select the entire line, then copy to clipboard.

    Using the keyboard, hit F2 to switch to line mode (like BC2), then Ctrl+C to copy the entire text of the current line.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      thank you for your reply.
      line mode is useful for me.

      but in the line mode, actuallly it's not same with BC2.
      Insert key was 'insert one line' in BC2, but it doesn't work in BC3.
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        You're right, line mode is not exactly the same as BC2.

        The command you're looking for is Insert Line Before. By default, it is not shown and has a shortcut of [Shift+Ctrl+Enter]. Select Tools -> Customize Commands... to change its shortcut or visibility.
        Erik Scooter Software