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  • Display of line ending characters

    I am doing file compares to ensure that the line endings are using the Unix format of line feed (LF) only, as opposed to Windows carriage return and line feed (CR LF) format.

    The attached screen shot shows what I see in Beyond Compare.

    According to the Window Character Map for arial, the character on the end of lines of the left is the "currency sign" while the one on the right is the "pilcrow sign". Is there some trick to display LF and CR LF instead of those odd symbols? Does anyone know which of those symbols means LF and which means CR LF?


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    CrLf are hex values 0D 0A.
    Choose View \ Hex Details to see these values.

    In the old typewriter days: A carriage return, by definition, returned the carriage to the beginning of the same line. A line feed moved the carriage to the next line. Both could be performed independently.

    BC3 displays line endings as follows:
    « Cr (Carriage Return only) - Character represents a return to beginning of line.
    Lf (Line Feed only) - Character represents a new paragraph (which always requires a line feed).
    ¤ CrLf (Carriage Return followed by a Line Feed)
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    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      The overall line ending style is shown in the editor's status bar. See attached.
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        Thanks for the info. That was just what I was looking for.