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Text Details only display right side text

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  • Text Details only display right side text

    Everytime I open the Text Compare window from Folder Compare window, there is only right side text displayed in text details. But after minimize the window, and then restore the window, the text details display ruler, left side text, and right side text.

    3.0.2 8706

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    I found the issue only occurs when "Thumbnail View" and "Ruler" are both enabled. (Of course, "Text Details" should be enabled first to enabling "Ruler".)

    If "Thumbnail View" is disabled, the ruler and text details (both left and right side) can be displayed without problem.

    If "Ruler" is disabled, the thumbnail and text details (both left and right side) can also be displayed without problem.

    Can somebody check if there is any conflict in display of thumbnail and ruler at the same time? I see the problem since 3.0.2 8706 to the most up-to-date 3.0.7 9037. (Not sure about earlier versions)


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      Hi Stephen!

      I've never seen a display issue as you describe before. But from your Screenshots I noticed, that you seem to have changed the default Windows display font.
      Could you please temporatily revert it to default values and then try to reproduce the problem?

      That would be a good way to track down the problem for the development team.



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        Hi Christoph,

        I am not sure what the default Windows display font do you mean. Is it the setting of "Control Panel" -> "Display" in MS-Windows? or the setting of "Options" -> "File Views" -> "Display" in BC3? I tried press "Factory Defaults" in "File Display", so the button is grayed out, but the display issue remains.

        One more thing, I just found the display of thumbnail and ruler is okay in tab sessions but has problem in new windows. ("Options" -> "Tabs" -> "Open child sessions in")


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          Besides what mentioned above, the display of thumbnail and ruler is okay when thumbnail view is "Allow scrolling" but has problem when "Compress to fit". ("Options" -> "File Views" -> "For thumbnail view on large files")


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            I played around with my system quite extensively and was unable to reproduce the issue Stephen is experiencing.

            Stephen, please do the following:
            • Right-click on an empty spot on your desktop and select Properties from the context menu
            • Click on the Themes tab
            • Click the Save As... button
            • Specify the Desktop as your "Save in" destination
            • Click the Save button
            • Attach the .theme file to a post in this thread so that we can test with your display settings
            BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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              I am using Windows XP Pro (Traditional Chinese). Maybe it is the source of problem!?

              Anyway, here is the theme file. I also attach the BC3 settings for your reference.


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                Well, I don't have a Traditional Chinese version of Windows, so I can't test that... but I did apply the theme and some of your preferences and was still unable to reproduce your issue. Sorry. I'm obviously missing some items on my system used in your theme because the font in my titlebar, toolbar, and MRU dropdowns did not change to match the fonts in your screenshots.

                I am confused about one thing, however... On my system, the left/right orphan buttons on a text compare toolbar are red. In your screenshots they are cyan and magenta (like you would expect to see in a merge session). I don't really care for the red on my system, by the way. I'm just wondering why this difference exists. What version of BC3 are you running?

                Scooter team... would you know the reason for the colored orphan buttons in Stephen's screenshots?

                P.S. I like the merge colors in your screen shots, and I would prefer blue orphan buttons to red in a text compare if the merge colors are intentionally not used in the current version of the product.
                BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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                  Stephen is using the "Use merge colors for compares" option in the File Views->Compare Colors options panel.
                  Zoë P Scooter Software


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                    Thanks Craig. I guess I missed that setting.
                    BC v4.0.7 build 19761