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BUG: Ruler does not start at zero for right side text

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  • BUG: Ruler does not start at zero for right side text

    I have noticed a bug with the ruler function. It displays a count of characters along the line so that you can see the co-ordinates in a file of any char that is of interest, however I would expect the ruler to start again at zero for the right side file, and to adjust if the window is resized or the dividing point between the two windows is altered.

    It does not do that, instead it just continues from the left.

    Seen in version 451
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    Actually, the ruler is part of line details. If you have long enough lines that you can scroll, you will see that it scrolls with them. This is the same as BC2.
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      Last year I suggested that the ruler be available in the left and right panes when text details are not visible:

      Originally posted by Michael Bulgrien
      March 26th, 2007 at 10:39 pm
      In a BC2 text compare, the “Text Details” are always visible since there is no full edit mode.
      In a Cirrus text compare, full edit mode negates the need for “Text Details”...
      ...the rulers should toggle on the LHS & RHS panes when the “Text Details” pane is hidden.
      Originally posted by Scooter
      March 27th, 2007 at 9:58 am

      I’ll consider allowing the ruler in the main edit panes.

      Has any more thought been given to this request?
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        No, I haven't had time to consider it further. But it's safely tucked away on our wish list.
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