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Wish: Ding (only) if no more differences

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  • Wish: Ding (only) if no more differences

    In Beyond Compare 2 it was possible to set up the file comparison to simply ding if there were no more differences.

    Now with version 3 to get an audible alert, one has to enable the "Show Message Panel" option.

    This is a loss of functionality, and a potential gotcha.

    Scenario (this just happened to me):

    One line is different. That line happens to be next to last near the end of the file.

    User has "Next Difference" wired to a function key (F2 in my case).

    User presses "Next Difference" key, message pops up stating "No more differences", and the one difference in the file is covered up.


    Please make it possible to sound just the bell if there are no more differences, instead of popping up the message as well.

    Thank you.


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    Hi Noel,

    Why do you consider the message panel covering the difference a "gotcha"? FYI, to make the message panel to go away, all you have to do is press any key (ex. Shift) or mouse click.

    We feel that the beep only option is obscure. We'd consider adding it back if enough users requested it.
    Erik Scooter Software


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      Well, it confused me because I saw no differences on the screen, but I was sure there should be a difference. FYI, I was looking for the last difference in the file.

      This user prefers fewer pop-ups and things that get in the way of the real work. I know that's not the way Windows (Vista) and everything are moving.

      When I press F2 (my definition for "go to next difference") a simple "ding" tells me there are no more differences. I got used to that functionality in BC2 and I feel the current scheme has lost utility.