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  • Find/Replace Current Side

    I would like to reiterate something that I brought up months ago. It would REALLY, REALLY be helpful to have more "Side options" than:

    ● Current (Left)
    ○ Both

    The "Current" option constantly aggravates me as I often want to replace values on one side with values from the other side. I open the replace dialog, set the replacement side, copy the find text from one side and paste it into the dialog, then copy the replace value from the other side and paste it into the dialog. If I don't catch it, the replace ends up being done on the wrong side!

    Please, please, please allow a user to fix the find/replace side. As I've stated before, the following options would be nice:


    ○ Left ○ Right ○ Both ● Current (Left)

    This would let a user fix the find/replace activity to a single side or have the flexibility to find/replace in the active pane as it works today.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761

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    "Left" and "Right" side options will most likely be added to the Find dialog in our next release (3.0.16).
    Erik Scooter Software