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    I am a newbie to Beyond compare and I don't get regular expressions. I am simply try to ignore the following in 2 files. Since it is a date time it changes every time I run of course.

    I am using 3.01.14

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    You probably don't even need regular expressions for that.
    • Edit your grammar for XML files
    • Add a new element and give it a meaningful MessageDateTime
    • Choose category: Delimited
    • Set your "text from" value: <lexs:MessageDateTime>
    • Set your "to" value: </lexs:MessageDateTime>
    • In your Session Settings importance tab, remove the checkmark from MessageDateTime to make it unimportant.
    • Enable the "Ignore Unimportant Differences" button [] in the toolbar
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      ps. Just found this! Thanks Michael, this solved my problem #4546 "Text Compare Replacement with Regular Expressions". Cheers, Barry.


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        Just to clear up a bit of terminology, this is not a Text Compare Replacement (a Pro feature), but a new Grammar element that is marked as unimportant in the session settings.

        Replacements can be similarly defined to match specific pairs of text, where grammar elements match on the text itself (independent of what it is aligned to).
        Aaron P Scooter Software