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Orphan Lines: options like those for orphan files

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  • Orphan Lines: options like those for orphan files

    Currently (v 3.0.15) in a Text Compare report I can choose to Show Differences, which hides identical lines. I'd like to choose also to suppress matched or orphan lines from the report. Anything I can do with files on a folder compare I'd like to do with lines on a file compare: show only matched lines, show only orphans left, right or both. To work around the lack of this I tried saving a differences report in left/right format, then started grepping out what I didn't want - all the orphans (plus all those dashed separator lines). Unfortunately that revealed a second problem (or my failure to recognize it as a feature): that the "+-" markers are missing from many left orphans. There doesn't appear to be a pattern to this, e.g. suppress repeated identical markers.

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    You can currently do this interactively.

    Right click on your display filters in the Text Compare, and select Toggles instead of Dropdown. You can now toggle on individual aspects. Selecting all 4 buttons is equivalent to Show All. Deselecting 'show same' is Show Differences. There are individual toggles for Orphans, so you can deselect those and 'show same' in order to only 'show differences no orphans'
    Then go to the Session menu -> Text Compare Report, mark sure the 2nd Differences is selected, then generate your report.

    Is this the type of output you are looking for? Would you also be looking for a Scripting solution?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      That's enough for me. I have toggles set for folder compares, but it didn't occur to me that this was available for file compare. Thanks. [Did this use up one of my three wishes?]