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Problem comparing javascript files with long lines

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  • Problem comparing javascript files with long lines

    I'm noticing a problem when I merge two large (>100k) javascript files containing many scripts from different sources and some of the content is packed or compressed (jQuery) so a 50k library occupies just one line.

    I believe what happens is I get CRLF's at the end of every line so it looks ok after merging until I click the reload button and now I have extra blank lines for every-other line in that script. Once I copy over the changes to that section again (removing the extra linefeeds), everything is ok.

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    BC defaults to wrapping long lines at 4096 characters. If lines in your files are longer than the default value, you'll need to increase it. To increase the value, select "Tools > File Formats" from the menu. Select the format for your files, then go to the Conversion tab. Increase the "characters per line limit" value to a value larger than your longest line.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thanks Chris.

      Looks like it's using "text format" rules for JS. Guess I'll have to create one for scripts.

      The length for that jQuery right now is 30777.
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        Just make sure that file format is applied automatically by having it be the topmost file format in the Tools menu -> File Formats dialog with a matching file mask ("*.js;*.jscript"?)

        That way, it is also the file format that is applied by default for scripts whenever a rules-based comparison is used (for a report or folder compare rules-based comparison).
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Hi Aaron.

          I'm also having an issue with Source Integrity where it sees a 30+k line (jQuery again) and assumes the js file is a binary and I can't update or compare to the original file.

          Cutting the line lengths down to a more-normal size (adding LF in appropriate places) seems to fix both problems.

          FWIW, the online compaction using this page seems very good. Many of the ones I tested, just introduces JS errors.


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            How large are your files? Would you be able to send a pair of sample files and your Support package (Help menu -> Support; Export) to [email protected] ?

            Please include a link to this forum post as well. Thanks.

            You may need to rename your files to .txt to get them past spam filters.
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            Aaron P Scooter Software


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