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Analysis LogFiles with Beyond Merg?!

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  • Analysis LogFiles with Beyond Merg?!

    Good Morning together,

    i would like to buy Beyond Compare for me and my Company.
    But first i have to Test this Tool .

    We have to Compare and search for same entrys in realy large Logfiles (txt Format).

    The 2 Logfiles we have to Compare looks like:

    Line 18:asdf UIVers.1299 UserNumer 76148 boolchange 143HEX

    Line 6898: INFO: Kundenkonto 001780: Changed 76148 - Locked or Deleted.

    Now i would like to search from the Number 76148. Or the Output will show me this Number.

    If this possible with Beyond Merge? And if its possible, the next question is HOW?!

    Can anybody help me?!

    Im Using (at this moment) Beyond Compare (3.0.15 Trail).

    so long


    PS: Sry for my bad english

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    Hello DeMon,

    Beyond Compare can not search for text in multiple files. To search for text in a pair of files, use the "Search > Find" command.
    Chris K Scooter Software