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Setup BC for File compare by default?

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  • Setup BC for File compare by default?

    When I start BC then as the first choice the user has to decide wether he wants a file compare or directory compare or ....

    Is it somehow possible to tell BC to go ALWAYS AUTOMATICALLY to text file compare view (e.g. by passing a command line start parameter like

    BCompare.exe -type=filecompare

    Alternatively is there an option like "start automatically with last used
    comparison type panel" or similar?


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    Hi Peter,

    You can use the /fv (or /fileviewer) switch to automatically open the text compare. The other compare types can be passed as an argument (/fv="Data Compare").

    Alternatively, you can tell BC to load a workspace (group of tabs/windows) when starting, and optionally save what you were doing when you quit. Just start up the session(s) that you want, then use the Session->Save Workspace... menu item to save it, then use Session->Load Workspace->Manage Workspaces... to tell it to load it on startup.
    Zoë P Scooter Software