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  • Replacements acting on copy text

    If I have 2 files that are different, but have common parts, but variable names are different (in my case, SMTP on 1 side, NTP on the other), I can set up replacements, so I only see actual coding changes.
    When I want to update one side with content from the other, the code that goes across is the raw un-replaced code, so I then have to search&replace to get it right, and I may (being a bit perverse here) not want to change all occurences for instance comments might refer to both acronyms.

    What I would like is the replacement rules being able to be treated as conversion rules between the sides, so when code is copied, it is (optionally) the replaced text that goes across, not the original raw code.
    For the 2-way copy to work, I would have to define a left rule and a right rule.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, Glyn. It is not possible to do this automatically in BC3, so you will need to manually change them back (perhaps right after the copy, to avoid any Replace All issues).

    I've added your request to our customer wishlist, as well.
    Aaron P Scooter Software