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Scrolling "sticks" when another application gets focus

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  • Scrolling "sticks" when another application gets focus

    Using 3.1 build 10168 / XP

    1) Open a compare window
    2) On the "navigator" to far left, LMB on it (so it can be dragged up and down)
    3) Use Alt-Tab while still holding LMB to focus another application. Notice that the scrolling in BC still occurs. Now you can release the LMB and still scroll in BC when moving mouse up and down while it's an inactive window.
    4) When you focus BC again the "scroll mode" is still on and there seems no way of getting out of it unless clicking the "navigator" again.

    (I noticed this when winword decided to steel focus)

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    Thanks for reporting this. I was able to reproduce this in house and we'll look into it.
    Aaron P Scooter Software