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    Is it possible to get BC3 to default to copy to side rather than sync to side as it seems to be doing. I think this was the functionality in BC2.


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    Copy To Side is a button that can be placed on the toolbar, and is there by default. Sync to Side is a separate command.

    Also, this was posted in the Text Compare session forum. Is this a Folder Compare session? A Folder Sync Session? or a Text Compare session?

    If you are referring to Copy Section to Side, then there is another command: Copy Line to Other Side, also Copy Selection to Other Side. You can configure Section size as well, if needed.
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      A screenshot may help demonstrate the issue you are running into. Please show which button or command you are using.
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        I've got the same issue, I think. Specifically what I'd like is to have the

        "Copy Line To Other Side" command in the toolbar, rather than the "Copy to Other Side" command. In the Customize Commands dialog box, however, for "Copy Line To Other Side", the "Show command on toolbar" checkbox is grey, so I can't set that option even if I want to.

        I believe in version 2, that button in the toolbar has 'copy line to other side' behavior by default, which is what I want. I can attach a screenshot if you'd like.


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          Since playing around with the regular 'copy to other side' a little bit more, noticed the following:

          In a multi-line difference, if I select some text from more than 1 line, it copies only the lines that have some selected text. This is fine.

          In a multi-line difference if I select some text from only 1 line, it copies the ENTIRE DIFFERENCE, which is unexpected.

          I can click to the side of the text to select an individual line to copy, but that's 1 more step than what I had to do in BC2.

          When multiple lines are selected and I use 'copy LINE to other side', it only copies the line with the cursor on it, which isn't what I want either - I want the whole selection copied.

          Selecting 'Lines are Independent' under the Format options gets me closer to BC2 behavior, except then there are LOTS of individual differences, so I can't use 'next difference' effectively - I have to click thru every line.

          Switching away from Full Edit mode ALMOST does the trick, but I still can't just click on a single line and hit copy - I have to drag sideways just a little bit to select the entire line.

          Basically I just want BC2's copy-to-other-side behavior back, and I just don't see a way of getting that from BC3

          I think one way to get close would be this - make the button in the toolbar do the old BC2 behavior, and make the buttons in the sidebar along the text copy the entire difference, or at least an option for this. I can add a screenshot if you'd like
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            Seems this has not been solved so far?


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              This has been updated; Copy Line to Other Side has been added to the list of customizable commands and can be added to the toolbar, in the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Toolbars/etc tab, Select View: Text Compare, and search for Copy Line (add To Other Side or the manual commands to the toolbar; To Other Side is context sensitive and switches to what is needed).

              Also, if you click into the Gutter (where Line Numbers are displayed, or the gutter copy commands) that selection will then be only that line and update the Yellow arrow to a Blue arrow, and also update the toolbar buttons from yellow to blue to show the switch.
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