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  • Filtered Lines Suggestion

    I'm a long time BC user and just downloaded v3 and am enjoying it. I like the filtered lines feature, but find it's a bit confusing.

    When you expand a filtered area, the view scrolls to the top of the filtered area. So if you want to see just a couple lines above where you are and click the + sign, you suddenly are pages above where you were. The cursor is still way down at its original location.

    I see that the idea was to keep the + sign in view, but keeping the cursor in view would be much more useful. Perhaps being able to collapse from top or bottom?

    With the screen movement, using the Show All button works better.

    Code Collaborator has a similar feature with just a More button on the top and bottom of filtered areas to show more lines that are hidden.

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    Pressing a navigation key (like the "Home" key) will take you right back to the line that has focus (the text cursor).
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761