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  • Ignore file compare garmmar


    I'm attempting to ignore unimportant file differences, however it's not working for me.

    File1 has the following:
    ON_FILEWATCH /bi/prod/data/lnd_netprovision/incoming/VLANATMInterworking.csv CREATE

    File2 has the following:
    ON_FILEWATCH /bi/uat/data/lnd_netprovision/incoming/VLANATMInterworking.csv CREATE

    I want the words "prod" and "uat" to ignored in the compare. I have the following defined in the grammar but it's not having the desired effect:
    Prod=Text matching prod
    UAT=test matching uat

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    Did you define those elements as Unimportant under the Session Settings?
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      Originally posted by hfeldma1 View Post
      I want the words "prod" and "uat" to ignored in the compare.
      Wouldn't it be more appropriate to define a replacement?

      Right click on the red text on one side and choose "Replacement..." from the context menu. Edit the values if you wish. BC3 will perform a logical replacement and will consider the difference to be unimportant.
      BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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        I'm doing a folder compare, and I don't see an "Importance Tab"


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          This appears to work, however from what I've tested, I need to do this one file at a time, and I can't seem to store it as part of session settings.


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            • open a folder compare
            • compare two of the files in a file compare
            • Open "Session Settings..." from the Session drop-down menu
            • Open the Replacements tab
            • Define your replacement then click OK

            At the bottom of the Session Settings dialog is a dropdown that defines the context for your change.

            Choose: "Update session defaults" if you want this replacement to be default in all new sessions opened in the future.

            Choose: "Use for all files within the parent session" if you want to limit the change to the files in the folder session you already have open.
            BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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              Thanks. That works.


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                Replacements is probably the better solution in this case. It will ignore prod and uat only when they align.

                Grammar elements are for when you want to ignore that text, regardless of what it aligns to. Note, if it aligns to Important text, that text will still be Important (so the difference will still be found).

                You can perform the same set of steps to ignore grammar elements by opening a child session Text Compare, going to the Importance tab of the Session Settings of the Text Compare, uncheck the grammar element name (turning the text blue:Unimportant, instead of Red:Important), Then use the dropdown to Update session defaults or Update parent session.
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                  Once that is set, any files you click on will populate the middle column with the Content Comparison values.

                  You can then set the Folder Compare to automatically run a Content Comparison under the Folder Compare Session Settings, Comparison tab. Or by selecting files and running the Compare Contents command and picking Rules-based comparison.
                  Aaron P Scooter Software