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Beyond Compare 3.0 and XML Tidy, but save Original Format

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  • Beyond Compare 3.0 and XML Tidy, but save Original Format

    Hi, I am using Beyond Compare 3.0 and using the XML tidy and XML tidied with sorted attributes plugins. Its great and while I would like it to show me the "tidied" XML, Once I resolve me merge, I would like to save it back with the original formatting (not the tidied format). Is there anyway of doing this?

    For example, if I have these two XML snippets -

    File1 : <test attrib="1" batrib="2" catrib="3"\>
    File2 : <test batrib="4" catrib="5" attrib="5"\>

    I would like to visually see them tidied up and attributes sorted, so I can make my changes/resoluutions. For example, If I resolve to change the value of attrib to 5 and keep the rest, When I save the file, I want to see this ...

    Final : <test attrib="5" batrib="2" catrib="3">

    Not : <test

    Beyond compare seems to save the file in the second format (tidied) up.

    Any Idea how I can go about fixing this?

    Regards ...

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    Hello cgg,

    Beyond Compare performs an External Conversion using the Tidy open-source project for the XML Tidied file format. Performing a Save of this text will save it with the formatting as you see it (as you have encountered). There is not a way to 'flip' it back to the way the file originally looks.

    You can define another External Conversion during the save process under the File Format -> Conversion tab. You may be able to re-configure and re-use Tidy.exe to perform the 2nd conversion process on Save. For more information on Tidy:

    For more information on customizing a File Format using an External Conversion:
    Beyond Compare is a multi-platform utility that combines directory compare and file compare functions in one package. Use it to manage source code, keep directories in sync, compare program output, etc.
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