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  • Aaron
    Yes, you can configure the Next Difference or Next Difference Section keyboard shortcuts. Open a Text Compare session, then go to the Tools menu -> Customzie Commands.

    and Yes, right-click on the Display Filters toolbar (upper left corner) and select Toggles instead of Favorites. Then toggle on only the Left (or right) Orphans/Differences, and where Both have Differences. Leave Right Orphans and Equal off.

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  • adearing
    started a topic text compare (1 way!)

    text compare (1 way!)


    I have a standard BC file comparison job in which only inserts on one side of a large file are significant (the task is to copy these inserts to the other file, making minor editing changes and other inserts along the way). The task is made somewhat more time consuming by the fact that BC flags all differences as significant.

    Question - can I easily set up BC with a keystroke to jump to the next insert on that side? Or is there a simple rule that will ignore all edits apart from inserts on one side?