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2 issues with file comparison

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  • 2 issues with file comparison

    These both might be operator error, but if we can't figure these out, then we cant roll this tool out to my team:

    I just downloaded BC3, and tried out the new "Sort" feature. Unfortunately, I wanted to have the files compared in a sorted fashion, but BC3 actually udpated the files on disk and permanently sorted them - no an effect that I wanted. Is there some way to guarantee that it will not permanently sort them?

    I also seemed to have an issue re-opening the files in BC3, it kept showing me old files even though I replaced the files and restarted BC3. How do I turn this caching off?

    Steve Pozun

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    1) BC can perform an External Conversion on load and on save. If you use Sort on load, you would need another conversion on Save to 'put it back'. Our built-in Sort uses the basic windows command line, and does not have a method of putting the text back.

    You can use your own custom conversion, or you can set the rule to be Read-only, to prevent users from editing and saving Sorted files.

    Here is a KB article detailing custom File Formats and external conversions:

    2) BC should not be caching older files when you reopen or refresh them, and should detect changes on the disk as the file is open (and prompt: Do you want to refresh and show changes?). What types of folders are you comparing, and what is changing the files that it needs refreshing? If you reopen the files in My Computer, is the newest version present there? Does a refresh or full refresh show the updated information?
    Aaron P Scooter Software