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  • Html versus text files

    Hi !

    I'm a totally new user of BC 3, I just knew how to use BC 2.
    I've downloaded all the comparison files "plugins" and I don't know if it's because of that but here's the result when I try to compare html file :

    Such a view is of no use to me.
    How could I change it to a standard txt file comparison ?
    I've tried to go to tools => file format then uncheck "html files" and it did nothing ( = still the same useless comparison)

    I've tried to change the Display format (menu Display => file Info then open the menu (it has thoes options : "(default) / HTML tables / CSV files / MS Excel Spreadsheet" ) ) and I've tried all the possible options it didn't change the view to a useful one (sorry maybe "useful" and "useless" is a bit strong but I don't know any other words to say it (I'm not English))

    What could I do to have a (from my point of view) useful text comparison with htm / html files ?

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    If you have not saved too many sessions or settings yet, I would recommend simply starting over. Go to the Help menu -> Support, Explore Settings folder. Here you should see a BCFileFormats.xml. Close BC3, then delete BCFileFormats.xml (or rename it BCFileFormats.old). Then relaunch BC3.

    Additional Information:
    The issue you are running into is that the topmost File Format under the Tools menu -> File Format dialog associated with *.html is the file format used. Other HTML rules must be launched manually. By installing every File Format it will make it difficult to determine which file format you want to use.

    Your topmost HTML file format is currently the downloaded HTML Tables rule, with a golden icon representing Data Compare next to it. This means it will launch a Data Compare session type. This was not the default behavior for BC2. Unchecking this file format will use the next *.html in the list. Imported File Formats are at the top of the list, so the default will be the bottom HTML file format. The White icon next to it represents the Text Compare session type.

    Another note: If you installed every Additional File Format, did you also install the Linux-only file formats? Beyond Compare allows the import and sharing of rules across the Windows and Linux versions of BC3. The only limitation is the 3rd party External Conversion used, which will not function under Windows if it is a Linux only rule.
    Aaron P Scooter Software