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Text comparison between Ubuntu and Windows

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  • Text comparison between Ubuntu and Windows

    I am having issues doing a folder compare between a windows (NTFS) and linux (ext3) folder.

    The files are exactly the same but they are showing up as different. Somehow the sizes are different.

    When a do a file compare they show exactly the same. If i perform a rules based comparison in folder compare they show to be the same. How can I account for differences between file systems without the extra step?

    Thanks, George

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    This sounds like different line endings. Please see this thread:
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      You will need to use the rules-based comparison (which can be set as the default comparison), or disable size and only compare using timestamp.

      The issue is on the server and locally, the files are different sizes. The line endings are probably different (Windows line endings vs. Linux line endings), and since they are different sizes that makes the overall file size different.

      When you perform a Rules-based comparison, text files are transferred over as ASCII by default, which would normalize the line endings and you would not see any differences. If you were to switch as Binary, you would see the different line endings appear and would have to set them as Unimportant and Ignore them (otherwise, even after a rules-based compare your files would still be reported as differences).

      There is no way to skip the rules-based step if timestamp alone is not enough.
      Aaron P Scooter Software