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Next/previous difference only works in full edit mode?

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  • Next/previous difference only works in full edit mode?

    The "Next difference" and "Previous difference" commands are only enabled in Full Edit mode. "Next/Previous difference *Section*" commands are enabled in both in and out of Full Edit mode.

    If I understand correctly the difference between the two is that "Next/Previous" difference goes to the next/previous different line, as opposed to section. I'm wondering if there is a reason why the former commands are enabled only in Full Edit mode. (I'd like the ability to go to the next/previous different line regardless of the mode).

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    Actually, Next/Previous difference goes to the actual position of the next difference within a line. If there is more than one difference in a line, then it will jump to each difference within the line before jumping to the next line with a difference. Since you cannot position the text cursor at a difference within a line when not in full-edit mode, the Next/Previous Difference is disabled.

    However, I would agree that in line mode, the next difference would be the next line with a difference. So I agree that the controls should be available, and should ignore multiple differences in a single line and simply move to the next line with one or more differences.
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      Thanks for the suggestion. I've added it to our Customer Wishlist. As a workaround, you will want to use a combination of the arrow keys (single line scrolling) and Next Different Section for quick keyboard navigation.
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