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BC2 vs BC3 mismatc colorize style.

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  • BC2 vs BC3 mismatc colorize style.

    I have notice that BC3 has a new way to colorize partial line mismatch.
    Are there way to show partial line mismatch the way it was in BC2?

    ie from the attachment highlight only "DBG_LEV8, " (no quotes) and not the whole remainder text line?


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    Beyond Compare does color things with the old way, but also incorporates a new concept of Grammar Items.

    In BC2, if you had a NotString vs a "String", the phrase String would be entirely red, since a String was a different concept.
    In BC3, this can be a generic grammar definition (of a String, of a Label, of a Comment, etc). If you have different grammar elements align, then the text will be different, even if the text values look the same.

    If you click the cursor into the text section, the bottom status bar of each pane will name the current Grammar item the blinking cursor resides in. Are they different if you click, for example, between the D and the B of "DBG_LEV8"? A full screen screenshot may also help.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      New image attached....

      Find a new attachment....


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        Are you using the Factory Defaults for your C++ file format? If you go to Tools -> File Formats, C++ rule, Misc tab, is Column-based data enabled? If so, disable it.

        If you are still having trouble, please email a pair of example files (containing the text section in the screenshot; full files or just the section that displays the issue) and your Support package (generated from the Help menu -> Support dialog; Export) to [email protected]
        Please also include a link back to this forum post in the email.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          That Column-based data was the trick ...