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Feature Request: command line parameter like "Search/Go to"

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  • Feature Request: command line parameter like "Search/Go to"

    It would be good to have such parameter to locate a line/column. Useful for developers who want to see a differences at the same line as a file is opened in editor.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Passing a line number on the command line when opening files is on our wish list for a future version of Beyond Compare.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the suggestion, Int.

      I've added it to our Customer Wishlist.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Hi guys, more than one year gone since the request. It's quite disappointing that such an easy fix (as it appear from my point of view) takes so long time. Is it still in your wish list? Thank you.


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          Hello Int,

          Our Customer Wishlist is not currently scheduled development, but a place our developers go for ideas for future enhancements or features. We've had a pretty busy schedule and haven't been able to tackle this one yet.

          If there are other users who would like this feature as well, please feel free to post here and I'll add your requests to the wishlist entry.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            We already have:
            Current Line Number (%l)

            Please also add (for v4+):
            Current Column Number
            Current Selection

            Another thread:

            By the way,
            In "Open With" settings, I prefer omitting "" in the path since it works well.
            But the "..." (Browse) button relies on "". Could this be optimized a bit?


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              I'd like to add a +1 to this (the original request, not the post just above mine although current column would be cool if it's not there already). When I envision the workflow it would be the addition of /leftline /rightline and probably /centerline and /outputline, for text compares specifically. ...although I really only care about /rightline myself. Basically, do the same thing that Ctrl-G does when you've got a comparison open.


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                Sorry if I misunderstood this thread.
                I mean the parameter in "Open With" settings.


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                  No problem. I've parsed both requests and added notes to the appropriate wishlist items.
                  Aaron P Scooter Software