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Comparing Tabbed Excel Workbooks

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  • Comparing Tabbed Excel Workbooks

    Does anyone know if you can compare an entire EXCEL workbook to another EXCEL workbook? We create many tabbed reports and I have been opening each file and comparing each tab. Is there a better way?

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    If you do not need to sort on a key column, you can use our additional File Format to open all the excel tabs in a single Text Compare session. Download and install our Microsoft Excel workbooks additional file format, here:

    If you need them all in a single Data Compare, we have a workaround. You can clone your Data Compare rule, and copy/paste the External Conversion line from the Text Compare rule into the clone. This will open all tabs in a single data compare, but there are a couple of drawbacks.
    1) It will dump all the tabs' rows into a single page. Sorting the data will then sort them all together.
    2) It will introduce whitespace/blank lines between each page. When sorted, these then usually propagate up to the top.

    How do either of those solutions work for you? Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      The download was a great help. I hadn't realized that download would add this feature. Now I am able to test a tabbed document and it is a HUGE time saver!