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Comparing Unix & DOS versions of the same files

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  • Comparing Unix & DOS versions of the same files

    I've got a website that had some nasty scripts implanted in it. I downloaded all the scripts and compared them to the original distribution and found that virtually every one had changed because of the line endings. Is there there a way to make DOS and Unix text files seem the same?

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    Use the Session->Session Settings menu item to open the comparison options and check the "Compare Contents" and "Rules-based comparison" options on the "Comparison" tab. That will compare things in the background, and recompare as you make changes. Alternatively, you can use the "Compare Contents" action and do a rules-based comparison as a one-off action instead.
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      The ultimate solution would be to compare the site (running on UNIX), through BC's FTP capability, with the original distribution that I have on my local Windows box. This would greatly simplify the problem of determining if any of the files on my site had changed outside of my control. Is this possible with BC 3?



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        Yes, BC supports FTP comparisons. The Browse dialog (buttons at end of path edits) has a tab that lets you enter FTP information; you can also enter it in path edit as a URL like "ftp://username@host/path". All of the comparison features and file operations work identically.
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