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Difficulty getting Session Settings | Replacements working

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  • Difficulty getting Session Settings | Replacements working


    I'm having difficulty getting regular expressions to work in the replacement options in session settings for a text file comparison.

    I have no problem when when it is static text, so for example anywhere "John Doe" appears in the left file, then ignore "Bill Smith" in the right, seems to work fine.

    However, if I wanted to say anywhere "John Doe", "Jim Doe", "Jenny Doe" appears then ignore "Bill Smith", "Ben Smith", "Bob Smith", then I can try regular expression "J\w* Doe" in the left and "B\w* Smith" in the right, but this doesn't work. Am I misunderstanding something?


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    Unfortunately, Text Replacements do not allow the regular expression matching on the right/destination side. Text Replacements can define the equal text, but different text must be explicitly stated. For example: John* = Ben*, John* = Bob*, and John* = Bill*.

    If you are looking to ignore the name itself, you can define it as Unimportant Text. Then, however it appears, it can be considered Unimportant. If it is aligned to another name, and both are unimportant, then the difference can be ignored. If it aligns to an Important difference, then that difference will still be shown in the interface.

    How does this work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      This works fine for what I need.

      Thanks Aaron.