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Normalizing Whitespace in C++/C files

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  • Normalizing Whitespace in C++/C files

    Does someone have a utility/preprocess to normalize the whitespace in C++/C source code?

    I'd want

    To be seen as identical to
    { dosomething; }

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    We do not have a method hosted on our website, but as additional information, here is the KB article on how to plug an external conversion into BC3:
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Aaron - If I have a perl program that transforms source files to the desired format, could that be used as a conversion in BC3?


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        If you can call it from the command line with a couple of parameters (a source file and target file), then yes, you can configure BC3 to perform the conversion automatically using it as an External Conversion. The above KB article walks through the steps for an example case.

        Also, many of our file formats are fan submitted. If you would like us to share or host your file format, you can submit it to us for review and we can look it over. Just send us an email at [email protected] with a link to this forum post, and a brief description of the file format you've made. You can export it by:
        1) place any files used in the Beyond Compare 3\Helpers directory
        2) Setup the external conversion
        3) Use the Tools menu -> Export command (this should grab any file format settings, and the Helpers\ files).

        A pair of example files would also be very useful.

        If you need any help setting it up in BC3, please just let us know. Emailing the program and a pair of sample files would also help this process.
        Aaron P Scooter Software