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BC2 vs 3 Copy Line

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  • Aaron
    Hello Rebeccah,

    There are two ways to do this in BC3:
    1) Click into the gutter area and perform a selection of that line, or subset of lines. You should notice the yellow Section arrow turns into a green Selection arrow. The green arrow will only copy selected lines (or a single selected line).

    2) The Copy Line to Side command is still present, but hidden by default. Open a Text Compare session, then go to the Tools menu -> Customize Commands, and search for Copy Line. Here you can add Copy Line to Left, Right, or Other Side to the toolbar, show in the menu, or assign a keyboard shortcut.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

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  • rprastein
    started a topic BC2 vs 3 Copy Line

    BC2 vs 3 Copy Line

    I've been using BC2 for many years, finally upgraded to BC3 so I can use the HTML Tidy integration.

    But I'm finding that when I compare two files, the copy line function works differently from before. Before, I could highlight a line and copy the selected line to the other side. Now when I highlight a line and copy, it copies the whole block that BC identified. I don't want to copy the whole block, just the line I selected. How do I do this?