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  • csv file diff not found

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to compare 2 csv files which have very similar content. The only difference is that 2 lines have been swapped (that is, line 49 has become line 50)

    So using BeyondCompare v3.1.12:
    1. Lines are ordered alphabetically (it is not the real order in which lines appear in the csv files)
    2. Lines 49-50 are different from one file to the other but BeyondCompare doesn't indicate the difference.
    3. BeyondCompare v2.5.3 does find the difference as expected.

    Is there any setting to switch on/off to respect the ordering of original files (maybe this way BC will find the swapped lines)

    Thanks a lot

    Rej Cloutier

    NB I also tried xls format, with same result.

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    Yes, this is controlled by a setting. By default, the first column is the "key" column, and is used as the data to align on. This column(s) are also sorted by default.

    The Key is a column or series of columns that act as a unique identifier. Multiple Columns can be marked as Key columns, so the combination is unique. Examples: Column ID Number, or FirstName and LastName.

    If the first column is not a Key, then you can change it to be a Std column.

    You can also tell the session to not sort the Key, in the Session menu -> Session Settings, Columns tab, enable the "Unsorted Alignment" option. This can be made the default on the Home screen, expand the green Edit sessions defaults folder in the Saved Sessions list, and edit it in the Data Compare session default.

    How does this work for you? Please let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      The CheckBox [Never align differences] (french label is [Ne jamais aligner les différences]) is working as expected.

      Have a nice day,